Customs clearance

We understand how even one day of downtime can greatly affect the cost of logistics

Our dedicated team of experts simplifies customs processes, allowing you to focus on
the most important thing – the development of your business

There are a lot of projects in our portfolio – from the customs clearance of fresh fuits and vegetables at the airport to the railway
trains at all stations of the Moscow region.
Why should you entrust customs clearance to us?

Expert guidance
Our experienced customs clearance specialists know their business well. We discuss in advance with you have all the details of the upcoming delivery

Customized solutions
We understand that each delivery is unique and therefore we try to adapt to your specific needs in order to ensure smooth and timely customs clearance

Technology-based efficiency
Our digital solutions, based on advanced technologies, simplify tracking, filing
electronic documents and communication, ensuring transparency at every stage

Ensuring compliance
We make sure that your shipments comply with the letter of the law to avoid possible penalties and delays

Our customs clearance services
Import, export and other customs procedures

Uninterrupted processing of import and export documentation

Tariff classification

Accurate classification for the correct determination of duties and taxes.

Customs consultations

Expert recommendations to optimize your supply chain.

INDITAL CUSTOM LLC is included in the register of customs representations

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